Yapo in Sarah Thursday

Thank you Yapo for the amazing review and photos. I'll never get bored of them!

You may remember seeing her on the front banners of the website for the "Best Sellers". I'm so happy and grateful to be able to work with her on this and it's so awesome to see such a gorgeous girl wearing Sarah Thursday. Find her on @yaptus on instagram!

As quoted from Yapo :

"Singapore based brand, Sarah Thursday, is a clothing shop featuring intricate illustrations by Sarah herself. Her designs are haunting, dark, experimental and strange. Definitely my cup of coffee. I can only be thankful and grateful for this opportunity! I got the Observe shirt and Blessings choker. It was hard to choose from all of her awesome designs to be honest. And as you can see, I felt like I received more. Everything is done meticulously; the gorgeous packaging, distinctive business card, and it also came with a free sticker! I'm just in awe!"

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